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CBD Herbal Massage
 Looking to add some extra benefit to your massage?
Cannabis seems to be the plant that keeps on giving. It’s uses are nothing short of incredible and date back thousands of years. There are various species of cannabis, and cannabidiol (CBD), is one that has been gaining a ton of popularity. 
 People are still often cautious of using CBD oils as they sometimes confuse CBD with THC, but there are actually many differences between the two. While THC is known to get people high or alter their state of mind, CBD does not. CBD is not psychoactive and also has more medical use than the more commonly known THC.
There are many benefits that may be gained by using CBD oil during your massage. CBD oil has been speculated to help people who are suffering from arthritis, injuries, sore muscles, neurologic disorders, and tension. For those looking to relax or relieve anxiety, CBD may be a great option to consider.
Incorporating CBD into massage therapy in spa treatments has been shown to reduce inflammation, relieve and decrease pain, and reduce stress. CBD products will not get you high and are applied to the skin during a massage. It can help reduce pain, inflammation, and much more.
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Candles now available

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