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Healing Massage with Crystals

A Healing Massage with Crystals can ground as well as elevate the spirit.

This massage utilizes the power of crystals combined with the power of touch.  This session allows for renewed energy flow and a sense of deep peace and relaxation. Unwanted spiritual, physical and or emotional blocks are opened so that energetic healing can take place.

During a healing massage with crystals, the crystals are placed on and around your body to raise the vibration of your being and to enhance free flow of energy and alignment of the chakra system.  Different crystals are associated with different properties. Some of the characteristics of crystals I use are clarity, connection to source, peace, inner wisdom, shielding, and self love.  

I use a varied assortment of crystals that are noted for working with the mind/body/spirit connection, with popular sessions focusing on pain relief, happiness, and full chakra clearing sessions.

Some of the crystals that I use frequently are amethyst, citrine, Apache tears, amber, rose quartz, labradorite and jasper. The effect of this massage is often a feeling of weightlessness, being cleansed, floaty, and pure, relaxed, unencumbered and serene.

This is a very intuitive session, although different crystals are associated with different properties, this massage relies heavily on listening to my guides as well as yours. Each healing massage with crystals will be different, as our physical, spiritual and emotional needs are constantly in flux.   

The choice of how much time is spent “hands on” and how much is done energetically is up to you.

60 minutes – $85, 90 Minutes – $125